How the "Sing 2" TikTok campaign went viral

BANKNOTES minted by #paid featured a case study on QYOU's "Sing 2" viral TikTok campaign, breaking down the creative process and results that helped catapult the animated sequel to #1 at the box office.
Glenn Ginsburg
July 18, 2022

"TikTok has more than a billion active monthly users, and 90% of them log in multiple times a day. Moreover, TikTok users self-report that they visit the platform for inspiration and entertainment.

Active and engaged users spend considerable time on TikTok, making it a powerful tool for brand awareness. And marketers have quickly caught on, launching creative, fun, and viral campaigns that generate impressive results.

QYOU, for example, launched a viral multi-phased campaign for “Sing 2.” It was a smashing success. The campaign drove 26.4 million views, 2.2 million engagements, and a 9% engagement rate on posts featuring key characters, music, and messaging.

Brands that want to try their hands at TikTok marketing may be wondering what goes into creating one of these viral campaigns, and how they can produce similar results."


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