A Sonic 2 BOOM at the Box Office 💥 The Lost City Found Success 🏝

QYOU partnered with Paramount Pictures to create large scale cross-platform campaigns for The Lost City and Sonic 2, propelling both films to the #1 spot at the box office each opening weekend!
Lexi St. John
April 19, 2022

A Sonic 2 BOOM!

Paramount Pictures came out swinging (like Knuckles) with Sonic 2 blowing by its competitors at “Sonic Speed.” The franchise teleported to new heights garnering an astounding $71 million at the box office. QYOU’s Creator Marketing efforts on TikTok and Instagram helped reach and engage key communities by launching electrifying Sonic-themed posts featuring top SFX creators to create buzz and excitement to see Sonic 2 in theaters.

Dr. Robotnik Takeover

This April Fool’s Day, influencers received a special drone delivery from Dr. Robotnik with a message asking them to join his evil cause! The QYOU Creative Team brought this fun drone delivery to life with custom productions and VFX.

SFX at Sonic Speed

QYOU tapped leading SFX creators to bring Sonic into their world, showcasing the iconic blue lightning, ring portals, and Sonic Speed from the film. The special effects included animated characters, SFX Makeup, and hilarious scene-reedit skits!

@juliansavoury #ad I have the sudden urge to capture Sonic 🧐😈 Try the AR lens! See #SonicMovie2 in theaters April 8 ⚡️🍄 @Paramount Pictures ♬ Sonic 2 in Theatres April 8 - Paramount Pictures
@tylerrelief #ad What would YOU do with super speed? 🤔🏃 See #SonicMovie2 in theaters FRIDAY!⚡️🍄 @Paramount Pictures ♬ Sonic 2 in Theatres April 8 - Paramount Pictures

The Lost City was FOUND!

This adventure rom-com starring Sandra and Channing found massive success in theaters unearthing $31M at the box office. QYOU worked closely with Paramount to showcase one of the funniest scenes by having Influencers on TikTok and Instagram recreate the hilarious scene when Sandra plucks leeches off Channing’s via Duet-style videos.

Duets with Sandra and Channing

To highlight the star cast and their comedic chemistry in the film, QYOU created an interactive duet where top influencers could play the part of either Sandra Bullock or Channing Tatum  in the hilarious “leech scene”!

Movie Night Out

QYOU tapped top influencers to create authentic and entertaining posts with the strong CTA to see The Lost City in theaters. Whether for Girls Night Out, Date Night, or an Advanced Screening, creators organically gushed about their favorite parts of the film (including the ping sequin jumpsuit!).

@gunnardeatherage #ad Style >>> Comfort 👗👠 See Sandra Bullock & Channing Tatum in #TheLostCity only in theaters tomorrow 🌴💃 @Paramount Pictures ♬ The Lost City in Theatres March 25 - Paramount Pictures
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